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Listing #: SR0239011299
Profile: Confidential FAA Aeromedical Certification Info & Waiver Help by MDs
VFS provides Confidential Aeromedical Certification Info & FAA Pilot Medical Waiver assistance. VFS represents over 100,000 union professional airline pilots and air traffic controllers who need fast, accurate information regarding their medical status and authorized medications. In the last twelve months, Our staff has assisted over 8,000 pilots. When their job is on the line, aviation professionals rely on Virtual Flight Surgeons.

Our staff includes 7 aerospace medicine board certified physicians, each with over 25 years experience in military and civilian aeromedical standards and waivers. Six of our physicians have over 1,000 flying hours, three are FAA Certified Flight Instructors, and one is a National Association of Flight Instructors Master CFI and an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. We aim to keep pilots flying!

For those pilots whose medical certificates are denied or in jeopardy, our expert physician staff will guide you and your physician in completing the appropriate medical evaluations required by FAA protocols. Our staff will assemble all required documents, compose a summary insuring all aeromedically relevant issues are addressed correctly and then forward a waiver petition to the FAA on each pilot’s behalf. By sending complete and correct information to the FAA the first time, most pilots regain their medical certificates in minimal time. We tenaciously monitor the status of all waiver requests at the FAA and keep you informed of the status of your case.

Our FREE web site at www.AviationMedicine.com has over 2,000 pages of FAA medical policies & medication lists. We include information on over 50 medical conditions, provide all FAA forms and instruct the “do-it-yourselfer” how to petition for a waiver. We have over 10,000 aviation/safety/medical links of interest to pilots and AMEs.

Fast secure E-mail responses to inquires by our fulltime expert pilot/aerospace medicine board certified physician staff are available to pilots with specific questions and certification challenges. Pilots DO NOT have to provide their name or any identifying information to obtain a detailed email response from our physicians ($39.95). Protecting your privacy and keeping all information confidential is the cornerstone of our service.

Our goal is to keep pilots SAFE, HEALTHY and FLYING. Virtual Flight Surgeons® Inc. www.AviationMedicine.com

Contact Information:
Virtual Flight Surgeons, Inc.
First Name: Quay
Last Name: Snyder
Phone: 303-341-4435
Fax: 303-341-4803
Email: Send email to Advertiser
Web site: http://www.AviationMedicine.com
Posted: 2004-06-03 11:18:17