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Listing #: SR0239011442
Profile: CE500/CE560XL Pilot - Las Vegas
Description: Professional Pilot - Available for immediate employment. I am a former Chief Pilot of a Part 91 Aviation Department. Please contact me with to discuss how I might be of service to you. Certifications: Airline Transport Pilot CFII, MEI, Commercial Drivers License Class C with Passenger endorsement Education: B.Sc. - Aviation Science Type Ratings: CE-500 CE-560XL B-737 Aircraft Experience: BE-99 CE402 CE500 CE560XL DHC-6 F-27 B-200/F90 SimuFlite Trained: B-200, CE500, CE560XL Types of Operations: Charter - Part 135 Corporate - Part 91 Airline - Part 91 Hours: 9000 Total Time I am looking for long-term stable employment as a Chief Pilot, Captain, or First Officer. Thank you for looking at my experience. Mark Gardner Las Vegas, Nevada. USA. desertfalcon7@gmail.com
Contact Information:
Professional Pilot
First Name: Mark
Last Name: Gardner
Phone: 702-327-7554
Fax: 702 438-7554
Email: Send email to Advertiser
Web site: www.desertfalcon.bravehost.com
Posted: 2007-11-24 17:35:43