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Home Fabric Recovery SR0121011124

Listing #: SR0121011124
Profile: Experimental aircraft Builder Assistance. Fabric works and more.
Description: Blue Sky Aviation - Kitfox IV

This Kitfox IV is owned by Mr. Peter Gow (picture above) of Marquette Michigan. Pete has employed our services to complete the Kitfox in a timely manner. May 1st is the day we started, below you will see the Fox come alive with in a short time so please visit often as we will be updating regularly.

The mission of this aircraft is pure pleasure. Full Lotus floats or wheels. Light weight and very easy to maintain. Panel is cross country VFR. Engine is NSI Subaru with CAP prop. Fuselage is powder coated yellow. Aircraft Finishing Systems is used for the cover build up process and paint, we are using the Skystar supplied fabric.

A wood overlay on this panel looks really sharp!

A few little brackets and tabs for easier mounting.
Here is a picture of a rudder cable pulley. This works really nice.
Preparing the airframe for cover by putting on Anti-chafe tape where the fabric may come in contact with the airframe.
Fabric is on and the surface tapes are being applied.
Starting on the wings we always do the bottom fabric first to get the reinforcing plates glued to the fabric around the lift strut attach points. First fitting of the door skins. We decided on using Lexan on the lower half instead of aluminum.
This picture came out really dark but trust me this is a vibrant white.


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Contact Information:
First Name: Noel
Last Name: Simmons
Phone: 866-859-0390
Fax: 406-538-6574
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Web site: http://www.blueskyaviation.net
Posted: 2002-10-30 19:10:10