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Listing #: SR0108011130
Profile: New Comfort Cabin Soundproofing For Twin Commander
Description: We are proud to offer our new Comfort Cabin Soundproofing System to Twin Commander Owners

We are proud to offer our new Comfort Cabin Soundproofing System to Twin Commander Owners. We have completed several aircraft to date and and the new system has proven very successful in lowering cockpit and cabin noise levels as much as 6db (50%).

  • Under floor insulation, not included in other soundproofing systems, stops "Oil Can Effect" of under floor area
  • Weight reduction from other older insulation of 50 to 150 pounds
  • Incorporates latest thermal and acoustical technologies to give you the quietest cabin available
  • FAA Approved Installation (Is Yours?)
  • Less expensive than other traditional soundproofing packages and active noise alternatives
  • Closed cell foam technology will not absorb water or mildew

Starting from the nose of the aircraft, we studied every area susceptible to noise transmission while at the same time making sure that we did not increase weight. We believe we have developed a fantastic solution for Commander owners to limit noise in the cabin with a substantial weight decrease over out-dated insulation packages, and most importantly, at an affordable cost!


Please visit our website for more information

Our interiors start with your vision and then are blended with only the finest craftsmanship complemented by the finest materials found. We can provide everything from simple "updates" to complete refurbishments.

Complete refurbishments can consist of everything your imagination can conceive plus our own Custom Engineered Comfort Cabin Soundproofing, Leather Seating, Entertainment Systems (DVD and CD capable), Custom Wood Cabinets, Custom Writing Tables, Custom Woodwork Trim, Gold Plating throughout the cabin, and more.

Why compromise style and comfort when we can refurbish your interior in the timeliest fashion.

Contact Information:
Eagle Creek Aviation Services
First Name: Richard
Last Name: Branch
Phone: 317-293-6935
Fax: 317-297-9341
Email: Send email to Advertiser
Web site: http://www.eagle-creek.com/index.html
Posted: 2002-11-05 00:02:34