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Listing #: SR0111011224
Profile: The Leading Edge Aircraft Detailing Services
Description: The Leading Edge offers a full professional grade detail on all aircraft from two person trainers up to charter/corporate size aircraft( King Air, Aerostar, business jets, helicopters). All surfaces are hand washed. Bellies are degreased with non-hazardous cleaners and all leading edges are debugged. The entire aircraft is then treated with a non-abrasive compound to remove all oxidized paint from the surface. Finally the entire aircraft is sealed with an ultra smooth, high gloss polymer sealant designed specifically for the aerospace industry which also has UV blockers to slow the deteriation of the paint from the suns harmful rays. Windscreens and interiors are also done. Windscreens are done with a non-ammoniate polish made specifically for lexans. Interios are vacuumed and heavy spots are treated/ shampooed. Full interior shampoos are not available as it deteriorates the effectivenss of any flame retardants. All brows, headliners, and instrument panels are cleaned and treated depending on the type of material. If your plane is equipped with pneumatic de-icing boots they are also cleaned and treated with only FAA/manufacturor approved agents. This service is available in Southern new Hampshire and Maine, Massachusettes, Rhode Island and Conneticut. I travel to your aircraft or you can fly it in to Plymouth with advanced scheduling. I am self contained, however if your FBO has a wash rack it is sometimes easier to use that. For any questions about this service I can be reached via the e-mail or by Phone.
Contact Information:
The Leading Edge Aircraft Detailing Services
First Name: J.D.
Last Name: Janes
Phone: 508-989-3807
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Posted: 2003-05-07 23:42:46