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Listing #: SR0125011425
Profile: Charter Sales and Ops, Ad-Hoc and Track Programs - Dallas, TX
Description: '''Aviation Solutions, LLP''', Dallas, TX - '''AIR CHARTERS, AIRCRAFT SALES AND CONSULTING:''' Offering all-inclusive ad-hoc and "track" air charter flights and air programs, with emphasis on complete "turn-key" operations, from delivery of clients on the airport sidewalk, until delivery at a destination, on the sidewalk, after return of baggage. Sourcing and provision of all aircraft available for sale. Provision of immediate airline management responsibilities, including immediate management control in planned or emergency situations. Provides airline and airport qualified operational representatives for "on-site, operational management" for worldwide private, public and corporate air charter operations. Worldwide experience and multi-year operational expertise '''AirSecure, Inc.''', Tampa, FL - '''AVIATION SECURITY:''' A full service aviation security company, with certified Trainers for initial Aviation Security training, Trainers certified to "Train-the-Trainers" of the contractors' airline company, and certified Ground Security Coordinators (GSCs) for direct and contracted operational duties. Provides assistance with startup and ongoing aviation companies, and Quality Control Audits, for existing Security Programs. '''Brownlow Consulting Group (BCG)''' Orlando, FL - '''EDITING SERVICES:''' Offering services in the fields of Engish-Language editing of foreign language translations, for books, articles, newspapers, annual reports, manuals (Sales, Marketing, Operations, Instructional, Quality Control) advertising copy and any desired editorial activity, in the English language. '''CONSULTING:''' Offering consulting services in aviation, including airport and airline operations, cruise line sales and ground operations, tour and ground operations and manuals to provide procedural guidance for all disciplines outlined herein.
Contact Information:
Brownlow Consulting Group (BCG)
First Name: Richard
Last Name: Brownlow
Phone: 407-709-5940
Fax: 407-344-8494
Email: Send email to Advertiser
Web site: www.aviationsolutions.com
Posted: 2007-06-06 08:51:39