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Listing #: SC0238011120
Location: Collegeville, PA (N10)
Profile: We offer the best flight training in the area!
Specials: We offer the lowest intro flight rates in the area! $30 dollar intro flight which includes an instructor and a plane for an hour.
Aircraft rates: 5 C-152 $50 an hour wet 2 C-172 $87 an hour/wet 1 Aztec down for overhual
Instruction rates: For our highly trained instructors its only 30 dollars an hour. Instruction from private to ATP. We have a recently revised training course out line that will take you above FAA standards in no time. Two of our instructors come from the two best flight schools in the nation.
Flight simulators: Sorry none at this time.
Examinations: We offer FAA written test. For pilot flight exams they will be taken from FAA flight examier.
Airport: (N10)Is located in collegeville, Pa. Contact us to get a jump on your flying career. We have some of the lowest rates on aircraft and some best instruction around. 215-409-5039 contact us for more info.
Pilot shop: Stop in for all your pilot needs!
Contact Information:
Valley Forge Aviation
First Name: Thomas
Last Name: Myers
Phone: 215-409-5039
Email: Send email to Advertiser
Web site:
Posted: 2004-02-09 11:11:52