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Listing #: SC0238011118
Location: Chicago,MDW, Midway Airport
Profile: Flight School Aircraft Rental Chicago Tours Flight Shop
Specials: New Low Rates
Gift Certificates Available
Open Late
Aircraft rates: 1-Cessna 150 2-Cessna 172
1-Piper Warrior
1-Piper Archer
1-Piper Twin Comanche
1-Diamond Star DA40 G1000 1-Diamond Star DA40 1-Diamond Eclipse
Instruction rates: $45 Hour
Flight simulators: Block $30 Hour
Non Block $40 Hour
Examinations: Lasergrade
Airport: Chicago Midway Airport
Pilot shop: Books,charts,
Contact Information:
Midway Aviators Inc.
First Name: Jack
Last Name: G
Phone: 773 7678100
Fax: 7737679800
Email: Send email to Advertiser
Web site:
Posted: 2003-11-11 19:39:50