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Listing #: SC0238011146
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico USA
Profile: Private pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial, CFI, CFII, MEI
Specials: Financial Aid Available if qualify. C-150, C172 Frasca flight simulators. private pilot course $4500.00
Aircraft rates:
Instruction rates:
Flight simulators: frasca 141, 142
Airport: Located in the beautiful and sunny Puerto Rico where 95% prevails the good weather, a five thousand foot runway and a lot of fun. Isla Grande Airport "Luis Ribas Domminicci"
Pilot shop:
Contact Information:
ArawakAir Express
First Name: Omar
Last Name: Zahra
Phone: 787-602-6539
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Web site:
Posted: 2003-04-23 21:02:24