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Listing #: SC0238011177
Location: P19
Profile: The League of Extraordinary Aviators
Specials: Our instructors and training development team have over 80 years experience in military, airline and general aviation. Our students and members are continually put through real world scenarios to develop their decision-making ability. This is what makes our aviators extraordinary. Visit us at leaviators.com TRAINING PROGRAMS: 1. Sport Pilot Training 2. Private Pilot Training 3. Commercial Pilot Training 4. Instrument Pilot Training 5. Sport Pilot Checkout program for Zodiac CH-601 6. Recurrent and Proficiency Programs for all levels
Aircraft rates: Aircraft Rates: for members Alarus CH2000 $75.00/hr Zodiac CH601XL-LSA $69/hr
Instruction rates: Instructor Rates: for members Air / Sim / Ground $40.00/hr
Flight simulators: Elite PI-135 ATD Sim. Rate: for members $10/hr
Airport: Chandler Stellar Airpark, in Chandler, AZ
Pilot shop:
Contact Information:
Silver Sky Enterprises
First Name: Sky
Last Name: McCorkle
Phone: 480-250-3643
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Web site:
Posted: 2006-09-27 14:29:46