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Listing #: SC0238011138
Location: RHV
Profile: FAA part 141 Flight Training Academy
Specials: At American School of Aviation (Nationally Accredited,quality and professionalism are the ingredients of our success.
Our Flight Training School was founded on solid principles with one simple mission- to train pilots for direct placement in professional airline careers.
For you, that means the absolute highest quality flight training no matter what your personal goals are.
American School of Aviation can give you the solid foundation needed for a successful aviation career.
Our entire training environment reflects the professional standards demanded by the commercial airline industry worldwide.
The best start for your career path from student to airline transport pilot begins with American School of Aviation.
Aircraft rates:


Model  N-Number Rate  10 hour Block
Cessna 152  757XY $56/hour $54/hour
Cessna 152  6427Q $56/hour $54/hour
Cessna 152  Coming $56/hour $54/hour
Cessna 152  6334M  $56/hour $54/hour
Cessna 172 7352J $74/hour $72/hour
Cessna 172 7420G $74/hour $72/hour
Cessna 172 13069 $74/hour $72/hour
Cessna 172 Coming $74/hour $72/hour
Cessna 172 Coming $74/hour $72/hour
Piper Warrior 47389 $74/hour $72/hour
Piper Warrior 2932Y $74/hour $72/hour
Piper Tomahawk 2493B $56/hour $54/hour
Piper Arrow 5053S $90/hour $89/hour
Piper Arrow Coming $90/hour $89/hour
Piper Seneca 333GS $160/hour $150/hour
Piper Seneca Coming $160/hour $150/hour
Beechcraft Skipper 6706U $69/hour $68/hour
Instruction rates: Basic $ 45/hr

Advanced $ 40/hr

Flight simulators: FAA approved Elite Simulator
Examinations: CATS Testing Center for all FAA written exams.
Airport: Reid Hillview Airport San Jose California
Pilot shop: Airport Shoppe
Contact Information:
American School Of Aviation
First Name: Prince
Last Name: Singh
Phone: 408 251 7272
Fax: 419.828.9728
Email: Send email to Advertiser
Web site: http://www.AmericanSchoolOfAviation.com
Posted: 2003-02-17 20:35:57