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Listing #: SC0238011160
Location: Northwest Regional Airport 52F
Profile: THE Helicopter School in North Texas
Specials: We offer helicopter flight instruction from PPL all the way through ATP, including instrument training at the same great rate! Feel free to come in and visit our friendly, FAA certified instructors!
Aircraft rates:
Instruction rates: $235/hr VFR and IFR instruction $205/hr Solo Schweizer 300C $30/hr Ground School Compare our rates to the competition! Give us a call today and schedule an intro lesson!
Flight simulators:
Examinations: Written test center located right at the airport. We use a designated pilot examiner with 1000's of hours to do the practical tests. The local FSDO conducts initial CFI practical tests.
Airport: New students train in the uncontrolled airspace near Northwest Regional, saving time and money. No time is wasted on the taxiway. Advanced students can fly to the Class B and D airports in the North Texas area to gain valuable experience in busy airspaces.
Pilot shop: Fully stocked pilot shop located just around the corner provides you with all of your training needs at a reasonable price.
Contact Information:
Rocky Point Aviation
First Name: Rocky Point
Last Name: Aviation
Phone: 817-430-9090
Email: Send email to Advertiser
Web site: http://www.rpahelo.com
Posted: 2005-01-21 13:14:56