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Listing #: SC0238011132
Location: LIT
Profile: CFS is the oldest FAA approved 141 school in Arkansas.
Specials: Introductory Courses
  • $49 Introductory Lesson
    Central encourages you to come out and take an introductory lesson for just $49. This lesson will give you a chance to climb into the pilot seat (left seat) and actually take the controls of the plane. The best way to see if you like to fly is to try it. Should you decide to continue, your introductory lesson will be logged in your logbook and you will be on your way to obtaining a private pilot’s license.

  • Private Pilot Course
    A private pilots license allows you to fly almost any single engine airplane under Visual Flight Rules (VFR versus IFR, Instrument Flight Rules), take passengers with you and go anywhere you want to fly. With a private pilot’s license, as opposed to a commercial license, you can share the cost of flying with your passengers, but you cannot accept pay for your services.

    The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight experience to obtain a private pilot’s license. In today’s busy airport environment, considering the importance of mastering the “radio work”, students should realistically expect to obtain between 50 and 60 hours of flight time with Central Flying Service. The national average is currently approximately 80hrs to complete the private pilot rating. The student’s individual capabilities are the strongest determining factor for how long it will take to earn a private pilot’s license. Furthermore, it is a fact that the cost of obtaining a pilot’s license can be greatly reduced by the frequency with which a flight student attends lessons and the amount of self-study they are willing to do. Once you have completed your training, you will be comfortable in knowing, without reservations, that you will be competent to safely fly in today’s modern airway system.

    Estimated Cost: $5,500 to $6,000 Package Price Available

    (The estimated cost includes the cost of the instructor and rental of the plane for 50 to 60 hours of flight time. A student can also expect to pay $65 for a medical exam (good for 2 years), and $70 for their written exam. Books and supplies including headsets will cost about $285 and the checkride will cost $200 . )

    Estimated Cost: $5620
    The Private Pilot Package includes the following items and is not a guarantee of a rating: 1) 55 hours of aircraft rental in a DA-20C1 Katana, 2) 40 hours of flight and ground instruction, 3)3 hours in Motus 3 Full-Motion Flight Simulator, 4) Jeppesen Private Pilot Kit, 5)$150.00 credit toward headsets of your choice, 6)FAA written exam, 7) Checkride with FAA approved Designated Examiner on staff.

    Call for more details or visit our website!!!

  • Aircraft rates: Call for rates

    Financing and College Credit Available
    Flight students at Central Flying Service have financial assistance available, to those who qualify, through Sallie Mae. Central Flying Service is an approved school for Sallie Mae financing and many of our students have been able to finance their entire training program using Sallie Mae. Call the Central Flying Service Flight Training department or get information on this program via the web at http://www.salliemae.com/. Central Flying Service is an approved by the VA for eligible veterans.

    Instruction rates: Call for details
    We have two options available with respect to your individual financial needs: 1) Package pricing, for some ratings, where you pay for the cost of training before training begins with the cost discounted, 2) Pay-as-you-go pricing where you pay at the end of each lesson. Regardless of the payment option, Central Flying Service is dedicated to offering flight training at the lowest cost possible.
    Flight simulators: NEW
    NEW! - The Motus 6-Series Flight Simulator
    The Motus 6-Series Flight Simulator offers an unbelievably realistic flight environment with a 6-degree-of-freedom motion base and 140 four-monitor, wrap-a-round external visual display. The 2-seat cockpit accommodates either single or dual controls and instrument clusters, and is ideal for advanced flight training, recurrent training in sophisticated aircraft, and Crew Resource Management (CRM) training.

    ALSO - Six new 2000 model Diamond Katana aircraft!

    Examinations: Written examinations are carried out in our Authorized Laser Grade Testing Center
    FAA approved Designated Examiner on staff.
    Airport: Central Flying Service is located on Little Rock National Airport. Flying out of a tower controlled airport such as Little Rock National gives the student pilot valuable experience in controlled airspace, and is only minutes away from a rural practice area.
    Pilot shop: Most of pilot supplies available in our Pilot shop. Please visit our website for more information
    Contact Information:
    Central Flying Service, Inc.
    First Name: Joe
    Last Name: Fawcett
    Phone: 501-375-3245
    Fax: 501-375 -7355
    Email: Send email to Advertiser
    Web site: http://www.flycfs.com
    Posted: 2002-12-03 10:58:37