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Home Pilot Schools and Aero Clubs SC0238011130

Listing #: SC0238011130
Location: IRS
Profile: Flight Training, Aircraft Sales, Aircraft Modifications
Specials: 3 Day School - $1,200

Day (1)
Aircraft Systems / Pre-Flight
FAR Review Initial Familiarization
Flight / Ground Operation 2-3 Hours of Flight Time

Day (2)
Cockpit Resource Management
Flight Proficiency Training
Pre/ Post Briefing
3-4 Hours of Flight Time
Day (3)
Ground School
Emergency Procedures
Flight Proficiency Training
Pre/ Post Briefing
2-3 hours of Flight Time

The ground / academic portion of this course covers the following topics:

Aircraft Familiarization
Electrical System Flight Controls
Aircraft Performance
Emergency Procedures
Power Plant / Turbo
Environmental System Pneumatic & De-Ice Fuel System
Weight and Balance
Hydraulic and Landing Gear Flight Rules
Autopilot / Flight Director GPS and Nav Equipment Instrument Proficiency

Aircraft rates: Call for Prices
Instruction rates: Our flight department has experienced highly qualified flight instructors eager to accommodate your instruction needs. We specialize in recurrent and initial flight training for single engine piston high performance aircraft. We will train you in your aircraft at your location or at our facility in Sturgis, Michigan.

Contact Bartelt Aviation, Inc. the next time you purchase an aircraft and need a check out or a (3) day comprehensive training program. We can accommodate most requests and are willing to work around your schedule. We offer a (3) day school and can customize a training program depending on your skill level and insurance requirements. Pricing may vary.

Call for Prices

Flight simulators:
Examinations: We offer basic checkouts for experienced pilots at reduced rates.
Call us for Pricing.
Airport: IRS
Pilot shop:
Contact Information:
Bartelt Aviation, Inc.
First Name: John
Last Name: Bartelt
Phone: (269)-651-5431
Fax: (269)-651-6446
Email: Send email to Advertiser
Web site: http://www.BarteltAviation.com
Posted: 2002-11-21 18:41:59