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Name of the Publication Author Price Company Name
[view details] GFD Multi-Engine Manual Jeppesen $ 48.95 AvMart
[view details] Multi-Engine Student Final Exam Jeppesen $ 2.95 AvMart
[view details] Multi-Engine Syllabus Jeppesen $ 14.95 AvMart
[view details] Multiengine Flying Paul A. Craig $ 31.95 AvMart
[view details] Private Pilot for Airplane Multi-Engine Land and Sea Practical Test Standards FAA $4.95 AMAZON.com
[view details] The Complete Multi-Engine Pilot ASA $ 15.95 AvMart
[view details] The Complete Multi-Engine Pilot Bob Gardner $16.07 AMAZON.com
[view details] Transition to Twins: Your First Multi-engine Rating David Robson $ 16.95 AvMart