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Name of the Publication Author Price Company Name
[view details] Advanced Aerobatics Geza Szurovy $ 19.95 AvMart
[view details] Aftermath Flying Magazine $ 16.95 AvMart
[view details] Airplane Talk . $ 15.95 AvMart
[view details] Aviation Fact Book . $ 19.95 AvMart
[view details] Basic Aerobatics Geza Szurovy & Mike Goulian $ 24.95 AvMart
[view details] Beyond the Checkride Flying Magazine $ 18.95 AvMart
[view details] Cockpit Confessions of an Airline Pilot Stephen Gary Keshner $14.00 AMAZON.com
[view details] Corporate Aviation Catering Services Directory . $ 49.95 AvMart
[view details] Cross-Country Flying Jerry A. Eichenberger $ 17.95 AvMart
[view details] Cutting the Cost of Flying Geza Szurovy $ 15.95 AvMart
[view details] Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms ASA $ 15.95 AvMart
[view details] Emergency Maneuver Training: Controlling Your Airplane During a Crisis Rich Stowell $29.95 AMAZON.com
[view details] Flight Test Tips & Tales from the Eye of the Examiner . $ 22.95 AvMart
[view details] Flying in Adverse Conditions R. Randal Padfield $ 18.95 AvMart
[view details] International Manager's Edition w/ CD-ROM Ac-u-kwik $ 69.95 AvMart
[view details] Pilot in Command Paul A. Craig $29.95 AMAZON.com
[view details] Piloting for Maximum Performance Lewis Bjork $ 24.95 AvMart
[view details] Positive Flying Richard Taylor and William Guinther $ 19.95 AvMart
[view details] Request for Proposal Yuut Yaqungviat Offer Yuut Yaqungviat, LLC
[view details] Stick and Rudder Wolfgang Langewiesche $ 21.95 AvMart
[view details] The Basic Aerobatic Manual William Kershner $ 19.95 AvMart
[view details] The Joy of Flying Robert Mark $ 12.95 AvMart
[view details] The Pilot's Radio Communicatiions Handbook Paul E. Illman $24.47 AMAZON.com
[view details] The Proficient Pilot (Volume 2) Barry Schiff $ 19.95 AvMart
[view details] This Is Your Captain Speaking Captain Ed Owen $21.95 Your Captain Speaking
[view details] Ultralight Aircraft Shopper's Guide Andre Cliche $32.50 AMAZON.com
[view details] Ultralight Airmanship: How to Master the Air in an Ultralight Jack Lambie $14.95 AMAZON.com
[view details] Ultralight Flight: The Pilot's Handbook of Ultralight Knowledge Michael A. Markowski $19.95 AMAZON.com
[view details] Your Pilot's License Jerry A. Eichenberger, $13.97 AMAZON.com
[view details] Your Pilot's License Joe Christy $ 12.50 AvMart