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Name of the Publication Author Price Company Name
[view details] Helicopter Exercise Jeppesen $ 25.95 AvMart
[view details] Helicopter File Folder Jeppesen $ 3.95 AvMart
[view details] Helicopter Manual w/ FAR/AIM Jeppesen $ 76.95 AvMart
[view details] Helicopter Pvt/Comm Syllabus Jeppesen $ 13.95 AvMart
[view details] Helicopter Theory Wayne Johnson $18.87 AMAZON.com
[view details] Jeppesen Helicopter Manual w/o FAR/AIM $ 66.95 AvMart
[view details] Learning to Fly Helicopters R. Randall Padfield $ 18.95 AvMart
[view details] Learning to Fly Helicopters (Practical Flying Series) R. Randall Padfield, Ralph C. Padfield (Illustrator) $17.47 AMAZON.com
[view details] Principles of Helicopter Flight/ 1749T W. J. Wagtendonk $17.47 AMAZON.com
[view details] Rotary Wing Flight Army Field Manual $ 12.95 AvMart
[view details] Rotorcraft Flying Handbook ASA $ 15.95 AvMart
[view details] Rotorcraft Flying Handbook FAA $15.95 Ace's Pilot Shop
[view details] Rotorcraft/Helicopter for Private and Commercial Pilots Practical Test Standards FAA Staff $4.95 AMAZON.com
[view details] The Art and Science of Flying Helicopters Shawn Corwyn Coyle $39.99 AMAZON.com