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Name of the Publication Author Price Company Name
[view details] Ace the Technical Pilot Interview Gary V. Bristow, Gary Bristow $20.97 AMAZON.com
[view details] Air Line Pilot [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION] $38.02 - 6 issues/12 months AMAZON.com
[view details] Airline Pilot Careers [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION] $54.43 - 12 issues/12 months AMAZON.com
[view details] Airline Pilot Interviews: How You Can Succeed in Getting Hired /921T Irv Jasinski $24.95 AMAZON.com
[view details] Becoming a Professional Pilot Robert Mark $ 16.95 AvMart
[view details] Becoming an Airline Pilot Jeff Griffin $ 21.95 AvMart
[view details] Checklist for Success: A Pilot's Guide to the Successful Airline Interview Cheryl A. Cage (Introduction), Pam Ryan $31.00 AMAZON.com
[view details] Cockpit Confessions of an Airline Pilot Stephen Gary Keshner $14.00 AMAZON.com
[view details] Professional Pilot Career Guide Robert P. Mark $17.47 AMAZON.com
[view details] Squawk 7700 - A Pilot's Adventure Peter M. Buffington $16.95 plus $2.50 shipping ($19.45) Peter Buffington