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What is PilotMarket?

PilotMarket.net is designed to advertise aviation products and services. Anyone who is interested can advertise with us. All listings must be aviation related and must be appropriate for the category where they are listed. Our goal is to provide our visitors with quick access to information about aviation related products and services. PilotMarket.net is a modem friendly website. We provide the fastest page loading possible. In developing PilotMarket.net, we analyzed the strong and weak points of hundreds of aviation based websites. It has come to our attention that the aviation community needs a website were it is possible to find any aviation related product or service without having to filter out tons of irrelevant information. Our goal is to bring you the maximum information in the minimum time. We will continue developing our Site in order to reach these goals.


How do I place an advertisement?

To advertise with us you must register first. The registration form is a very simple one-page form designed to collect all the necessary information about you and your company. Some of this information may be used in your listings and will be disclosed to any visitor. If you are concern about any of the information you submit to us, please read the Privacy Policy first. After submitting the registration page, you will be invited to log in using the user name and password you just created. You may now also login at any time by clicking the Log in button or link at the top of any page. Once you have logged in, you will be taken to the My Profile page where you can place any type of ad. Just follow the instructions and fill in all necessary forms. If you leave the My Profile page, you may return to it at any time by clicking on the My Profile button or Link.  


What are your advertisement rates?

Category Listings - All listings at PilotMarket.net are currently FREE, including Aircraft for sale. 

Aircraft for sale listings -Free and unlimited space. Place all the description you need, give a potential buyer as much info as necessary including up to 30 pictures!!!

If You are an aircraft dealer and have your own website It is enough for you to place just one aircraft listing and we will create listings for the rest of your inventory. All you have to do is to keep it current on our site or at least delete expired listings.

Banner Advertising - If you are looking to advertise an aviation related website, look no further. Most of our visitors are members of the aviation community. This is the highest quality traffic you can get. We charge $250 per banner per month. Your banner will rotate as one of 10 banners on every page of our website, including the home page. Hurry up! The number of spots is limited!!!   Lower rates are available for long-term commitments, so please contact us for details.


How do I make my listing look professional?

All forms are designed to make your ad look as appropriate as possible. However, it is impossible to create a completely universal form that will fit everyone's needs. Please use common sense if any field seems inappropriate in the form. If you do not like the output of your ad, you can always edit it. The bottom line, it is all about the presentation of your product or service. Do not underestimate the importance of your ad's appearance. If you think that just telling the world that you have Cessna 172 for sale is enough, you are wrong. To get a good price for your aircraft you need ALL potential buyers to conceder it. Take advantage of the space we provide. You are allowed to load up to 30 pictures. Use as many images as you can, and make sure they are of the best quality you can get. There is no limit to the space provided for you to describe your aircraft. Describe every single detail in the manner you would like to read yourself. Please read the next section for HTML tips. 


What is HTML and how I can use it?

Here are a few tips: 

  • If you want to start new line, type <br> at the end of the sentence.
  • If you want to start new paragraph, type <p> at the end of the sentence.
  • If you want to show some text in bold, place the text between <b> and </b> tags.
  • To show a bullet at the beginning of the line, type <Li> before the sentence.

Please use tags only in the fields where allowed. Do not use all CAPS.

To make any description field exactly like you want it, with fonts, colors and pictures, you will have to use HTML tags. If you are not familiar with HTML you may use any HTML editor (such as Microsoft Front Page, which is part of Microsoft Office.) Using an HTML editor is easy. No programming skills are needed. If you can create a Microsoft Word document, then you can create an HTML Document in Microsoft Front Page. After you give your ad the look you want in Microsoft Front Page just click the HTML button on the bottom of the screen, copy all codes and paste them into the description field of the proper PilotMarket form. If you used pictures in your description (do not mistake this with the pictures you are allowed to upload) please read the next paragraph.


How can I use a logo and pictures in my listing?

You are allowed to advertise with your logo, which you can submit either during registration or later, on the [change personal and contact information] page. You are allowed to place one picture with any product you are advertising, and up to 30 pictures for every aircraft you advertise. There are no pictures allowed for services, however, you may advertise as many pictures as you want in the body of an ad by using HTML. (please refer to the previous paragraph with questions How to use HTML.) To place pictures using HTML, you will need storage for them somewhere on the Web, or on your own website. There are lots of companies who offer storage space for a very small fee. For example: www.fotki.com. Simply copy the picture from your storage place on the web and paste it to your listing while preparing it in Microsoft Front Page. Please respect privacy and copyrights if you are using pictures placed somewhere else on the web. Remember: you assume all responsibility for copyright violations in your listings. If you need help to prepare your ad in HTML format, please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help.


How can I advertise my Aircraft as a featured aircraft?

It's very easy. Any aircraft can be advertised as a featured aircraft if a regular listing already exists and at least one picture of the aircraft is uploaded. In My Profile page click on the link: [ Sell your aircraft fast!!! Place it as a FEATURED!!! ] A list of all your aircraft listings will be opened. Check the boxes for each aircraft you would like to advertise as featured aircraft and press the "submit order" button. You will be given a choice of payment methods using either your credit card or check. Your aircraft will appear as a featured aircraft the same day we receive your payment.


There is no link on My PilotMarket Page to the Aircraft for sale form. How do I get there?

There is a link, [advertise your aircraft here], in every aircraft category. For example, if you would like to advertise Cessna 172, click on Aircraft for sale on the Home Page or in My Profile Page. Then click on Single engine Piston. A list of all Single engine aircraft will open. Now click on Cessna 172. A list of all Cessna 172 will open. At the top of the list next to the heading, you will see the link: [advertise your aircraft here]. Click on it and, if you are logged in, the appropriate form will be open. If you are not logged in, you will be taken to the log in page first.


How long is PilotMarket Planning to allow free Advertisements?

As long it is necessary to create a real Marketplace for the aviation community. Some of our categories we do plan to leave fee permanently. For some categories, we will develop special features which will be for a fee, but will entirely optional. For example, we are currently developing an online schedule for flight schools and freelance flight instructors.   


How long can I keep my listing active?

You can keep your listing active for as long as you wish. However, we reserve the right to end any listing or suspend any advertiser if a listing is inappropriate, illegal, contains any content for mature audients. We may also suspend an advertiser if we suspect a listing to be fraudulent. Further, if we decide that any part of our website should require a fee, we will inform you via our message board or via email. It will be entirely up to you to continue your ads or not. We reserve the right to end any listing if the owner has not logged in for at least one calendar year.


How do I report an inappropriate listing?

Click here to contact us. Please let us know the listing number. You can also type any comments you may have. We really do appreciate your help!!!


How much time will it takes before my advertisement appears online?

It is available for our visitors immediately. You may view your listing, validate it, and if you decide it is necessary, edit or delete it. Our team will review your listing the same day you submit it. We reserve the right to make corrections or to change listing appearance. If your listing is not appropriate for the category you have listed it in, we reserve the right to move it to the proper category or delete it. It is entirely our decision if your listing is appropriate for our website.


How can I change advertisement details?

That is really easy. In My Profile page, you will see an [edit] link next to each ad. Just click on it, and the appropriate form will open. To change your personal information, click on [edit personal and contact information] in My Profile page. To change your company profile, click on the [edit company profile] link for the appropriate ad. You are allowed to have one company profile for each category.