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Listing #: EX0196011115
Location: Mesa
Instructor's Name: Darius Wielgat
Ratings: CFI

If you would like to know how I teach my students perfect landings in few hours, send me e-mail telling what you like and don't like about my web page. In return for your time I will give you that invaluable tip.

Welcome to My Top Gun Academy in Arizona.

My name is Darius.

Here are some reasons why you should train with me.

1.If you are looking to become Private or Commercial Pilot you will save 50% or more of what aviation schools charge for instruction.

Instruction - 19$/hour Cessna 152 - 53$/hour

So if you want to know how much Private Pilot Training would cost you

let's do some math.

19$ x 5 =95$ (Five hours of ground training x 19$ per hour)

19$ x 20 = 380$ (Twenty hours of flight training x 19$ per hour)

53$ x 40 = 2120$ (Forty hours of flight time x 53$ per hour)

So Total for PPL = 2595$

In addition to that you need medical exam for 70$ and also written exam which will cost you 70$. You also want to buy a book and my favorite Jeppeson Private Pilot Manual will cost you around 60$. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in training. My advise to you : read this book even before you go for flight training, and you will have understanding and knowledge when you actually put your hands on controles. This will also cut cost of training by reducing time needed for ground school. Remember most schools want you to take 20 to 30 hours of ground school for 30$ - 50$ per hour. Nonsense. My students get 5 hours on average of ground school and it's absolutely enough if you read that book. FAA final flight exam will cost you 250$ You also need some other goodies which my cost you additional 50 bucks. So be prepared to spend around 3100$ for the entire deal and I mean entire deal.

2. I will be available to fly, answer your questions and provide any other assistance 24 hours a day. Not like busy
aviation schools where you have to schedule your flights long time ahead because instructors have 20 to 30 other students to fly with. (You will be my priority).

3. You will have an option of Accelerated Course. That's intense course where you will fly twice a day so you are sharp and fresh on your skills and study in the evening for Practical Test. You should become Private Pilot in more-less two weeks depending on your progress and skills.

4. Because of great weather 360 days a year you can fly when you want it and not when weather let you to.

5. Spectacular views of mountains, lakes and rivers, canyons and desert will take your breath away.

6. On your Cross-country flights you will fly to beautiful locations like Sedona, Prescot, Payson, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and many more to choose from.

7. If you are out of town, upon your arrival I will pick you up from airport, provide you with inexpensive apartment, books and start your flight training the very next day.

8. You will choose an instructor with 100% passing rate of his students.

9. You will get an instructor who will not schedule more than two (accelerated program) students a day in order to provide quality training.

10. Your training will be tailored to your individual needs and not school curriculum. And you should know that there are a lot of schools with part 141 program, which is very structured and rigid. On the other hand my school is part 61 program which gives instructors freedom and flexibility in training. I guess this is the main reason for which I have stayed with Arizona Aviation. I'm an adventurer and I love to take my students to remote and exotic places so they can feel the excitement of adventure and experience flying to new and unknown airports. With Part 141 all you will see is practice area.

11. You will never pay for briefings and debriefings before and after each flight.

Most of you dream of becoming Commercial Pilots and you are about to embark on a journey of a lifetime. Soon your lives will be filled with fear, joy, excitement and pride. But before you immerse yourself in the sea of aviation you should make some difficult and wise decisions when choosing a school. To ensure the best possible training and experience of joy and pride instead of overwhelming burden of financial obligations you should look very carefully at each school. Only then you can enjoy the wonder and joy of aviation. Big schools attract students by showing fancy brochures of cockpits where "one day you will sit " . For that people are willing to spend 40 - 50 000 dollars. This is a tremendous debt that will give you sleepless nights for many years to come. I paid for my training 19 000$ with Arizona Aviation. That price included training, books, equipment, and all additional fees. I had my private instructor who was available when I needed him. I work for them now as a CFI. Arizona Aviation will guarantee you CFI position after training. In fact all of my instructors from Arizona Aviation are working now for major airlines. Here are two excellent link resources to student forums where you can read other students opinions. This should help you avoid making the same mistakes of others like you..

I wish you all the best.


Scenic Flights in Arizona

I also would like to invite anyone living or visiting our beautiful state of Arizona to take a scenic flight. Cost of a flight is 59$ (includes plane and pilot) for 45 min flight in Cessna 172 which holds four people. And it doesn't meter whether you fly alone or with friends or family you still pay only 59$. 
You not only get to see spectacular views of canyons, lake and mountains but also get to fly the plane by your self. You can schedule such a flight in advance by e-mail or calling. 

My telephone number is (623) 937-8362.

If you have any other questions I will be happy to answer them all.

E-mail me: darek@sprynet.com


Contact Information:
Arizona Flying
First Name: Darius
Last Name: Wielgat
Phone: (623) 937-8362
Fax: N/A
Email: Send email to Advertiser
Web site: http://www.fortunecity.com/campus/anthropology/13/index.htm
Posted: 2002-11-02 19:07:55