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Listing #: EX0198011163
Location: Hwange National Park..Zimbabwe
Name: Microlight Pilot needed
Ratings: PPL Microlight (flex-wing)
Description: Last year a couple of my friends went out to Hwange National Park as Volunteer pilots for the purpose of tracking Lions for the Lion Research by 3 axis microlight and the whole concept of this touched them so much that one of them is now about to go back again soon. This time instead of just being a volunteer pilot she has decided to play a much bigger role and has embarked on organising taking a Flex-wing microlight which has been acquired with the help of Mainair/Pegasus and will initially be flown by her.The choice of a Pegasus Quik 912 was made for it's amazing speed,reliability and range as the area to be covered is about the same size as Belgium. This time the Research will be into Rhino primarily,however the Leopard,Cheetah and Hyena species will also be tracked.The purpose of this tracking is that these animals can be tracked to ensure that they do not go into extinction as they are all prone to Trophy hunting. These animals are tracked by means of GPS and VHF collars that have been humanely fitted before and the data can be downloaded after monitoring by the Aircraft.The purpose of the air support is that the transmitters only have a range of 3-5km on ground level,but the signal footprint increases 4 times by using Air support and it is easier by air to cover distance as the National Park is spread over such vast and difficult terrain. Unless Air support is put into place the Poachers seem likely to win this gruesome battle and that is why my friend is going out to Hwange National Park as a volunteer pilot with the Quik and will be setting up the Air Support unit. It is her intention once the unit is set up and she has completed 2-3months of airborne tracking to leave the Quik and the equipment at Hwange and return to the UK,but this can only be done after sufficient training of a replacement pilot has been completed. ANY INTERESTED MICROLIGHT PILOTS that may consider this voluntary work should email me in the first instance with your P1 experience etc.
Contact Information:
First Name: PETER
Last Name: KELSEY
Phone: (0044)7866105893
Fax: N/A
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Posted: 2004-12-21 14:20:10