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Home Flight Time Sharing EX0198011205

Listing #: EX0198011205
Location: DFW (Fort Worth) Tx
Name: Chait Verma
Ratings: Commercial Pilot, SEL, MEL, Instrument
Description: Need to get my BFR and have not flown in a while. Willing to split cost and flight time. If you are a PPL working on your instrument rating (need safety) or just need to build time for your CPL I can share the cost and time with you. Please note I am not an instructor and just need to get some time up in the air before my BFR check. So give me a call if you need to save some money and build time.
Contact Information:
First Name: Chait
Last Name: Verma
Phone: 8177153722
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Web site:
Posted: 2006-09-01 20:29:43