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Aircraft for Sale
1986  Antonov  AN2 Project
Registration No: Inquire
Location: USA, Delaware   Price:  $45,000
Listing No: AI0201035048
Listing #: AI0201035048
Make: Antonov
Code or name: AN2 Project
Year: 1986
Aircraft Total Time: 4500 TT
Engine Time: 463 SMOH
Price: $45,000
Location: USA, Delaware
Registration: Inquire

Aircraft scheduled for restoration starting June 25, 2003. Once aircraft in the shop this offer will be no longer valid.

4500 Hr. Total time

Wings are of an unequal span single bay biplane design, all metal construction, with fabric covering. Fuselage is of all-metal stressed skin semi-monocoque construction. Tail is a braced all metal structure with fabric covering. Wing area is 770 square feet total.

Put some serious fun in to the flying, feels like an airliner but easy to fly like a Cessna!!!

Ailerons, rudder, and elevators are all manually controlled with pushrods and cables. Flaps and trim electrically operated. Automatic leading edge slats provide excellent slow speed safety and high lift.

Landing Gear:
Conventional configuration (tail wheel design) with split axle, long stroke oleo shock absorbers on the main mounts and a fully castoring

Engine: 1,000-hp Shvetsov 9 cyl. ASh-62IR radial piston engine
463 Hr. SMOH
Avionics: All original avionics and radios.
Any avionics can be installed with sale for extra money.
Interior: Call for details
Exterior: Call for details
Length= 41 feet, 9 inches; Wing Span= 59 feet, 8 inches; Height= 13 feet, 2 inches (tail down).
Total Wing Lift Area=256.6 sq. ft. 156.2 upper 100.4 lower Cargo compartment= 13.5 feet long by 5 feet wide by 5.9 feet tall (398.25 cubic feet).
Cargo door opening: 4.5 feet wide by 5 feet tall.

Empty= 7,600 lbs.; Max Take Off= 12,125 lbs.; Max Landing= 11,574 lbs.; Max fuel= 2,000 lbs. (312 USG); Oil Qty.=22 Gallons Max. (13 Gallons minimum to 18 Gallons normal.) Useful load with max fuel= 2,525 lbs. (3500 lbs with half fuel carried).

Red Line Speed: V-NE 162 kts.
White Line Flaps: V-FE 70 kts.
Best Glide: 65 kts.
Maximum Speed: 139kts. or 160mph. (120kts. more typical)
Economy Cruise Speed: 100kts. or 115mph. (95kts. more typical)
Minimum Speed: 49kts. or 56mph.
Take-Off Speed: 43kts. or 50mph. (15 degrees of flap).
Landing Speed: 46kts. or 53mph. (30 degrees of flap).
Stall Speed: 35-40kts. but controlled descents are possible at 25kts. or 30mph.

Typical SL Take-Off distance to clear 50 foot obstacle: 1600 feet.
Great STOL performance!
Take off is possible under 300 feet

Contact Information:
Private Seller
First Name: Stan
Last Name: Brodsky
Phone: 718-612-1063
Email: Send email to Advertiser
Web site:
Damage Description:
Posted: 2003-08-22