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Aircraft for Sale
1995  Air ambulance  BK117
Registration No: TBA
Location: Global   Price:  ACMI
Listing No: AI0199035379
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Listing #: AI0199035379
Make: Air ambulance
Code or name: BK117
Year: 1995
Aircraft Total Time: TBA
Engine Time: TBA
Price: ACMI
Location: Global
Registration: TBA
Airframe: Spec Sheet on Request
Engine: Spec Sheet on Request
Avionics: Spec Sheet on Request
On Request
Contact Information:
Air Charter International
First Name: Mike
Last Name: Tournier
Phone: +971 4 881 8056
Fax: +971 4 881 8057
Email: Send email to Advertiser
Web site: www.aircharter-international.com
Rental or Lease
Terms & Conditions:
EuroCopter BK117 Helicopter Air Charter International is please to offer up to 3 specialized AME/SAR BK117ā€™s on ACMI wet lease. These helicopters are available globally and would suit start-up National/Regional Air Ambulance service or complimentary air wing support to established providers. The BK117 is the one of the most commonly used aircraft in the world for rescue work, as it's combination of reliability, speed and short rotor blades allowing it to fly close to cliff faces or descend into small clearings makes it unquestionably one of the best aircraft for AME and SAR work. The interior of the Helicopter is designed for the provision of multi role configurations including but not limited to a duel AME/SAR role. In this configuration the BK117 provides exceptionally high standards of patient care, maximum efficiency, and the capability. The types of rescue missions are many and varied and can be as diverse as maritime, mountain, urbane and jungle. Our Helicopters standard configuration includes medical, rescue and aviation equipment onboard to ensure that missions are carried out safely, to ensure the best patient outcome. These BK117ā€™s are offered ACMI in an Off-Shore Full IFR configuration which permits the following operations; Search and Rescue, Air Ambulance, inter-hospital transfer, Neonatal transfer, Fire Fighting and Law Enforcement. These Helicopters come fitted with the following standard equipment for multi role support, Crew Survival Suits, Wetsuits, Winch Rescue Strop, Gentex Helmets, Mustang Life Jackets, S.E.A (Spare Emergency Air) Winch Stretcher, Ambulance Stretcher, Thomas Pack, Patient Oxygen and Defibrillator, Night Sun Spotlight, Infra Red Detection, Salvage Pump, AUX Internal Fuel Tank, External Aux Long Range Fuel Tanks, Direction Finding Equipment, Winch, Emergency Helicopter Floatation Devices and a full compliment of back up equipment. Please note, these helicopters are offered under ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) Wet Lease terms only No Brokers Please
Posted: 2006-12-04