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Aircraft for Sale
1994  Antonov  An-74-200
Registration No: YL-KSA
Location: RIX/Riga   Price:  4.000.000 Eur
Listing No: AI0169036240
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Listing #: AI0169036240
Make: Antonov
Code or name: An-74-200
Year: 1994
Aircraft Total Time: 1.125 Hr.
Engine Time: 1.167 Hr.
Price: 4.000.000 Eur
Location: RIX/Riga
Registration: YL-KSA
Airframe Description and
Additional Equipment:
Frame, S/N 365.470.98.957, YOM 10.06.1994
Engine: Left engine (Lotarev D-36 serial 3A), S/N 708036423A024, YOM 25.02.1993 Right engine (Lotarev D-36 serial 3A), S/N 708036133A001, YOM 22.02.1993 Auxiliary Power Unit TA-12, S/N 2012019, YOM 14.07.1993
Avionics: Magnetic compass KI-13 (1 unit), Heading System BSFK-1 (1 unit) Autopilot SAU-72-03 (1 unit) Radar BURAN-74 (1 unit) Radio airborne (118,000-136,975 MHz) VHF BAKLAN-20D1 8.33 KHz, FM Immunity (2 units) Radio airborne (2,000-23,9999 KHz) HF JADRO (1 unit) Emergency Radio Station (121,5 MHz) R-855 (2 units) Navigation system (VOR and ILS) KURS-ŠœP-70 FM immunity (2 units) Navigation system (DME) SD-75 (2 units) Transponder (A,C mode) SO-72 (1 unit) Modes S Transponder Level 4 (A, C mode) XS-950 (1 unit) Flight data recorder BUR-2-3 (1 unit) and K3-63 (1 unit) Cockpit voice recorder MARS-BM (1 unit) EGPWS MARK Vi (1 unit) Radio Altimeters A-037D1 (2 units) Airborne Collision Avoidance SystemTCAS-2000 (1 unit) B-RNAV MALVA-4 (1 unit) NVS-74 (1 unit) GPS KLN-90B ELT Kannod-406
All checks are executed Operating since new: Frame 1.125 Hrs, 670 landings Left engine 1.167 Hrs, 665 cycles Right engine 1.167 Hrs, 665 cycles APU TA-12 156 Hrs, 813 start up
Contact Information:
KS AVIA Airline
First Name: Dmitry
Last Name: Osit
Phone: 00371-7621450
Fax: 00371-7624354
Email: Send email to Advertiser
Web site: www.ksavia.lv
Message from Seller: Number of aircraft 1 Number of crew members 4-6 Number of passengers 10 Max take-off weight 36,5 Max payload 7.500 kgs Length 28.07 m Wing span 31.89 m Height 8.75 m Cruising speed 550 km/hr Maximum speed 700 km/hr Flight altitude 10.100 km Flight range Load 1.5 T - 4.150 km Load 5 T - 2.800 km Load 7.5 T - 2.150km Dimensions of cargo compartment (bxhxl) 9.5 x 2.15 x 2.2 Cargo door size 2.4 x 2.27 m Volume of cargo compartment 45-50 m3 Engine two turbofan engines D-36 3A series, chapter III compliant
Posted: 2008-04-15